Anwar Ratol


Anwar Ratol Mango
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Anwar Ratol is the most loved mango after Chaunsa.
Its delicious sweet flavour and strong aroma makes it stand out of rest.
It is smaller in size, heavy pulp full of juice, skin medium thick, pulp is firm and fibreless, can be cut off in slices.


Anwar Ratol mango was cultivated by Anwar-ul-haq in a garden in the Ratol area in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is a small mango and sweet as love. In 1947, someone took sample plants to Pakistan and planted this mango breed in the Multan region. Its flavor is the main reason for its popularity. Ratol is sometimes known as the mini powerhouse. A small sized ratol delivers so much mango richness and taste that its lovers wait for this mango around the year.

It is extensively grown in the Punjab province and the Sindh region of Pakistan.

This mango by and large has two varieties. Early variety of this mango season for this assortment is short but most preferred. It is found in May and June. The late season assortment has a thicker skin, is less sweet yet similarly fragrant and is more steady than the early season. This is found in July and August.

Total season for Anwar Ratol is from May to August.

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Lahore, Pakistan (Other than Lahore)


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